Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives by Linda Backman

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  • Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives
  • Linda Backman
  • Page: 264
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9780738757377
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.

Download Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives

Free books online download ebooks Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives CHM FB2 DJVU 9780738757377

Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives by Linda Backman "It would be naive to suppose that intelligent life exists only on Earth. Dr. Linda Backman's groundbreaking book offers credible evidence of evolved interplanetary souls incarnate in human bodies. Souls on Earth presents a critical understanding of the gifts and challenges of such advanced beings."—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind Discover the profound truth about interplanetary souls—people whose previous lives were experienced on distant planets or in other dimensions. In her work as a regression hypnotherapist, Dr. Linda Backman frequently meets with individuals who have had past lives on planets and realms beyond Earth. These individuals—called interplanetary souls—have agreed to come to Earth to help support the evolution of the planet as well as to develop themselves and learn lessons for spiritual advancement. In Souls on Earth, Dr. Backman shares her fascinating work with interplanetary souls. This book explores the characteristics of interplanetary souls so that if you are one, you will be able to understand more about your life purpose and cope with the special challenges that come with an incarnation on Earth. Learn how to identify IP souls and discover how they can assist humanity's evolution. Explore ways to support yourself or loved ones who may be IP souls. For many people struggling with difficult lessons or trying to find meaning, this book opens the door to new understandings and the potential for peace. Praise: "Based upon data from case studies gathered across decades in more than ten thousand soul regressions, Dr. Backman describes our soul energy as a light frequency, as our luminous body, and reveals that from our first incarnation, our divine soul light initiates a long-term and profound climb toward higher wisdom. In this book, we discover that each of us arrives on Earth with a two-fold evolutionary purpose: To progress our individual soul and to holistically advance life on Earth. We also learn that some of us are Earth-based souls, and some are Interplanetary souls who have lived on other worlds and who are always conscious of being different yet are here for a reason. I found this book compelling and couldn't put it down."—Hank Wesselman, PhD, author of The Spiritwalker Trilogy and the award-winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman) "Souls on Earth by Linda Backman is a fascinating book filled with a grounded presentation and case studies that share a wealth of information and insights into the different dimensions of reality and wisdom brought to Earth by incarnate interplanetary souls. This is a wonderfully written and thought-provoking book!"—Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light "Nothing clears the mind and body as well as Past Life Therapy. Wherever you are on your soul evolution path, this is the way to integration of everything."—C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of International Institute of Holistic Medicine, president of Shealy Wellness, cofounder of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, and author of Conversations with G: A Physician's Encounter with Heaven "As someone who has extensive experience studying the evolution of the soul, I highly applaud Linda Backman for her dedication and courage in taking us on a fantastic voyage through time and space in her groundbreaking book Souls on Earth. Each page of this masterpiece will encourage you to expand your mind and consciousness as the author brilliantly uncovers proof that our souls have most certainly lived in other galaxies and other dimensions beyond our 3D reality. This is an absolute must read for anyone."—Kim Russo, psychic medium, intuitive counselor, and host of Psychic Intervention and The Haunting Of . . .

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What if the challenges you face in this lifetime were part of a soul contract you wrote before you Ways to explore if you have lived most of your past lives onEarth, or have interplanetary experience that affects you today.

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